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Q36.5 Plus Merino Wool and Silk Cycling Socks in Grey Camo

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Silk and wool avant-garde lightweight winter foot protection

Essential for those who prefer that full pedal to the metal thin sock feeling all year round, this is an Avant-garde ultra light winter sock constructed with superior natural thermic merino wool and silk threads. The sock follows the same lightweight density construction techniques of the Ultralight adapted for use in cooler climate conditions: the addition of silk (scarcely used in cycling socks) to the merino wool increases the thermal properties of the fabric while at the same time significantly reducing volume and weight. 37g per pair.

Please note that this wool-silk thread blend will shrink slightly (though not enough to necessitate wearing a larger size than usual). For ultimate zero-crease contoured fit we recommend cold washing the sock before first use.

Pair with Q36.5 matching performance cycling pants to complete the set.

52% Merino Wool
13% Silk
10% Polyamide
25% Elastane

37 g per pair

Cuff length
13 cm

Body Temperature Stability Guarantee = Above 8°C

Cuff length
14 cm

Body Temperature Stability Guarantee = Above 0°C

Made in Italy