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Q36.5 Compression Cycling Socks in Arancio Fluro

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This sock is an evolution of the traditional compression sock, often thought of as a recovery garment, into an active performance and racing direction. Use of the same lightweight microfilament as the Ultralight but in a more compact knit and with higher elastane content allows for the construction of a 32g active compression sock that can be comfortably used in full summer on performance rides, where reduction of muscular fatigue is most vital.

Designed with an atypical ‘cone’ shape for gradual “pump action” compression of the foot, with density increasing from the top to the bottom. Identical Achilles and metatarsal ribbed padding as the Ultralight.

50% Polyamide 6.6
10% Polypropylene
40% Elastane

32 g per pair

Cuff length
8 cm

Body Temperature Stability Guarantee = Above 18°C

Made in Italy