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Solespun Reviews | Scott Nichol Thornham Merino Wool/Silk Men's Sock

September 25, 2023 3 min read 0 Comments

Solespun Reviews | Scott Nichol Thornham Merino Wool/Silk Sock

A little History First

Scott-Nichol the company was founded in the 1930s by John Scott-Nichol and established in the now hosiery Mecca of Leicestershire. The Scott-Nichol family had centuries of experience in the Scottish wool trade and could trace their descent from Sir Walter Scott. John Scott-Nichol was awarded the Military Cross for gallantry in World War I, and served as a Captain in the Shepshed Home Guard in World War II.

His innovative blend of wool and nylon swept through the hosiery industry, revolutionising the manufacture of durable socks for school wear. In 1947 British Industries Fair Advert featured Scott-Nichol as the "The Crest for Quality" in Men's Handmade Socks. They advertised socks that were: "Argyle, Camel Hair, Iceland Wool, Half Hose and Short Socks in a wide range of Original Designs. Also 6/3 and other Varieties of Ribs."  They exhibited in the Textiles Section - Earls Court, Ground Floor. The Scott-Nichol brand remained a family concern until the mid-1970s and the company stayed in private ownership, and in 2006 it was purchased by Pantherella.




What makes for the perfect sock? how they look? patterned or plain, ribbed or flat? 

Perhaps the most important things are how they feel, how they make you feel, and how well they are made. 

Socks in essence are a functional item first and foremost, they insulate your feet, working together with your shoes to maintain a comfortable temperature, wicking moisture away to keep you feet happy and healthy and your shoes clean. 

Which bring me to the Scott Nichol Thornham sock, Knitted predominantly with a mix of luxurious yarns such as Merino wool and Silk for their thermo regulating, antibacterial and breathable properties, the merino wool also provides warmth and softness, while the silk adds a touch of luxurious smoothness,an addition of viscous and nylon for strength, in an ideal world I would like to see the viscous replaced with something like modal for even better eco credentials however don’t be put off, these things are there for a purpose. Nylon for example is used to create a kind of lattice framework for the natural fibres to be woven around and is also used to reinforce the heel and toe areas, this adds longevity allowing the wonderful qualities of yarns such as merino to stay intact and offer there wonderfull benefits for many more wears which is both better for us and the environment.

Knitted in a 6x2 rib style, which offers a kind of concertina effect so they adapt to fit any foot perfectly, gently elsicated cuff so they stay up ithout the need to be constantly pulled back up.

They are available in a selection of colours  to go with any outfit andfeature a subtle contrasting cuff, my personal favourites are the mid grey fleck with mustard cuffs or if i’m wearing a pair of chunky boots I favour the dark brown fleck with orange cuff and of course the ever popular Navy fleck is always a contender.

And this really is the beauty of this sock, wether wearing around the house, tucked in a pair of boots or with a pair of trainers and jeans they feel and look great, look after your feet and with the use of luxurious yarns like merino and silk which have been beautifully blended and built to last, it is the sock for almost every occasion!