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Solespun Reviews | Pantherella Danvers Cotton Socks

September 15, 2023 2 min read 0 Comments

Danvers  Fil d'Ecosse Cotton Socks by Pantherella


A little History First

Fil d'Ecosse also called Cotton lisle is one of the most commonly used materials in the manufacture of socks with good reason. Composed of mercerized cotton, treated to give it strength and a lustrous appearance, fil d'Ecosse is durable, luxurious and comfortable.

Mercerised cotton is an I’ve-heard-about-it-but-I-can’t-quite-put-my-finger-on-it term.  That’s because we all have it in our house in our sewing kit. Most cotton thread will be advertised as being mercerised as it is stronger than ordinary cotton. Also, if you possess a t-shirt that didn’t take on a soft nap after its first wash but kept its sheen of newness, it would be made of mercerised cotton if it’s 100% cotton.

Named after its inventor John Mercer, in Lancashire in 1844, rather than the oft-assumed treatment of cotton fibres in a process involving mercury. The process of mercerisation made the cotton fibres stronger and easier to dye. The process lead to shrinkage however and an innovation to prevent this led to the desirable side effect of imbuing lustre to the fabric. These properties allow for finer gauge yarns that hold their colour. Socks made of mercerised cotton are often mistaken for silk due to their sheen and lighter weight.


Danvers  Fil d'Ecosse Cotton Socks by Pantherella | The Review 

The Danvers is Pantherella's best-selling sock for good reason. socks as we know are the building blocks of a good outfit. they’re not always the star of the show, however they do hold the power to ruin a well-thought-out ensemble, with a classic 5x3 Rib  this will never be an issue. Incredibly durable, made from superior Fil d'Ecosse cotton and hand-finished they create the very definition of a premium men's sock. 

Often the sock of choice for mens style magazines such as GQ and Esquire the Danvers can be seen gracing the feet of more than a few A-list actors and celebs, thanks largely to there wonderfull luster and a large selction of colours and shades avaiable.



Whether you're looking for formal socks to wear with your suit or want to add a touch of sophistication to your everyday attire the Pantherella Danvers sock is always an exception choice.