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Solespun Reviews | Pantherella Laburnum Merino Wool Socks

September 11, 2023 2 min read 0 Comments


Pantherella Laburnum Merino Wool Socks

A little history first

Centuries of breeding on the Iberian peninsula have led to the strains of Merino sheep that we know today.  The typical staple is 65-100mm long but the fineness of the fibres is what gives merino its desirable qualities. The fineness allows yarns to trap air and insulate the body against cold. The fibres are also water absorbent and coupled with its breathable qualities, keeps the skin free of moisture. Both these properties means Merino wool can keep the body warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. 

A tailor friend of mine exploits these natural properties in an eye-opening way. He revealed to me that he never dry-cleans his wool garments unless there is a major spillage. He explained that wool has evolved over millennia to keep its wearer warm and dry and crucially, is self-cleaning. He airs out his garments regularly to get rid of any whiffs and will just spot clean his jacket collars when needed. His anecdote piqued my curiosity and I put his theory to the test. Lo and behold, wool socks don’t get smelly like cotton. I have now suppressed my instinct to wash my wool socks after a single wear. Now, I just hang them up to air, give them a good shake and they’re good to go. a practice that will also increase the life span of your fine woollen socks. 

(Credit (Jason Leung)



Solespun PANTHERELLA Laburnum Ribbed Merino Wool-Blend Socks in Mid Grey

Pantherella Laburnum Merino Wool Socks | review

It really isn't hard to love the Pantherella Laburnun merino wool sock and with good reason, executed in a fine gauge Merino wool they feel wonderful against the skin, the Laburnum provides exquisite warmth without overheating your foot and draws moisture away from the skin for comfort, keeping your feet at the perfect temperature in hot or cold conditions, like climate control for your feet!

They of course feature the famous Pantherella 'seamless' toe for a virtually undetectable, extremely comfortable flat seam, and are made at the Pantherella factory in Leicester, England, since 1937 as they always have been by generations of skilled workers. 

Pantherella claim there socks are unrivalled for quality, style and comfort and we agree. Available in 18 colours and shades there is a laburnum sock to complement every outfit