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THE Brands | Paul Smith

September 01, 2019 1 min read 0 Comments


A young Mr Smith had hoped to become a racing cyclist, but in a twist of fate a serious accident ended his dream . During his recovery, he fell in with the local art student crowd, and the friendships that were formed would nurture his love and fascination for design. Evening classes in tailoring followed, and in 1967 Sir Paul opened a small shop in his native Nottingham (UK), selling clothes by cutting-edge brands such as Kenzo and Katherine Hamnett, where he also began designing his own clothes and selling them in the shop, too. The rest is history.

Smith developed his own personal take on the suit with a relaxed shape and a more comfortable structure; a design that offered tailoring and the suit as something that was not always made for just formal occasions.  By 1976 Paul Smith clothes were being shown in Paris, and by the late 1980s Sir Paul's approach of updating classic men's clothes with contemporary cuts and unexpected details, such as vibrantly coloured linings, had become a much-imitated fashion mainstay.

What makes Sir Pauls style unique is not only his exquisite execution of tailoring and creativity, but the ability to combine this seamlessly with his natural eye for colour and print within his "classic with a twist" signature style.

Along the way  he has amassed a rock-star following (Paul Weller, Mr Eric Clapton and the late Mr David Bowie are fans) and stemming from his immaculately tailored suits, to his knitted cotton socks, this intelligent mix of creativity and personality makes Paul Smith’s hosiery a ‘must-have’ in every sock draw.