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Background info:

Launched in 2019, Solespun is the brainchild of  fashion photographer Nick Kelly and a creative collaboration with London based stylists, photographers and creatives. Solespun offers access to some of the finest sock makers available, a growing list of designers and brands including Paul Smith, Pantherella, Jonhnstons of Elgin, Sunspel, as well as Solespun’s own Orange (Sea Island Cotton) and Black Label (Cashmere) socks. They offer the very best in design and manufacture, ranging from casual to dress, always beautifully conceived and executed. 

The Art of Expression

We believe that socks are personal purchases that allow us to express our values, attitudes, individuality and sense of style in a quiet understated manner. A way to offer others a discreet glimpse, an insight, into one’s true self hiding behind the everyday uniform.

Combining the right elements, material, performance and great design, Solespun brings together a collection of socks and underwear. In their bespoke, luxurious packaging, Solespun socks are sourced from the world’s finest hosiery houses and specialist retailers, carefully curated by the team and beautifully presented for personal enjoyment or for gifting.

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Where to find Solespun?

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Free delivery on UK orders over £35, and International orders over £150. Standard delivery takes 2 to 5 days respectively.

Price ranges from £12.00 for a pair of Pantherella Danvers Fil d’Ecosse, Cotton Lisle socks to £44.99 for a pair of Solespun Black Label Cashmere socks.