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Men's Dottore Pro Bib Shorts Black

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Designed to help you push your limits and progress in your cycling fitness, the Q36.5 Dottore Pro Bib Shorts employ the best materials, to offer advanced fit, aero performance and comfort. The ergogenic fit with gradual compression was developed to offer even greater muscle support, whilst our proprietary Q LAB Air Chamois offers an adaptive solution to give the best fit to every cyclist regardless of sitting position or anatomy.

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The advanced Q36.5 Dottore PRO Cycling Bib Shorts are ideal for demanding endurance training. The ergogenic fit with gradual compression developed to offer even greater muscle support and an enhanced chamois insert for improved comfort and performance.

As an evolution of our original Dottore Bibs, the Dottore Pro Bibs provide greater muscle support thanks to the material that offers gradual but effective compression. The new proprietary high density woven fabric is enhanced using silver thread woven into the weft of the material.

Silver thread helps improve performance and recovery thanks to its conductivity. It reduces the negative impact that naturally occurring electric charges produced by the body during exercise have as well as boosting the blood flow and increases oxygen supply to cells. It also protects against environmental electromagnetic smog, reducing muscle fatigue.

The cut of the Dottore Pro Bibs has also been refined to increase overall comfort by reducing the pressure on the abdominal and genital area. Attention has been paid to the rear panel to ensure an optimal level of lumbar support which will enhance rider comfort over long hours in the saddle, helping to improve performance. The support and compression combine with a natural freedom of movement to give the bibs a second skin feel.

The C-Interface and Q LAB Air Chamois technology represents a hallmark advancement for the Dottore Pro Bib Shorts. As an essential touch point, the chamois determines the level of comfort in the saddle the rider will experience. This chamois evolution employs different stitching that allows it to be integrated in the pattern of the bib shorts. This effectively reduces friction and material overlap. The design is the result of ten years of experimentation and testing. The development of new materials and the continued refinement of our C-Interface shaping ensure maximum freedom of movement, breathability, and comfort. The ergonomic shape guarantees an ideal interface between saddle and rider with the sculpted super high density open cell-foam ensuring cushioned protection from road vibrations.

With an increased leg length of 2.5 cm compared to previous iterations, the Dottore Pro Bib Shorts are totally focused on muscle support and overall comfort for the rider. They offer pro-level solutions for all our rides.

Q LAB Air Chamois 

Q LAB Air Chamois technology evolution uses stitching that allows two separate layers to move independently to adapt to a rider’s position. The open air construction reduces friction typically caused by stitching and material overlap.

Gradual Compression 

Using a high density woven proprietary fabric, gradual compression stimulates blood flow and reduces muscle fatigue. The exclusive and innovative woven fabric is supportive without being restrictive.

Silver Thread 

Silver thread is woven into the weft of the fabric offering not only fast drying times as well as antibacterial and conductivity advantages, but the thread also protects against electro-magnetic smog, reducing muscle fatigue.

Elastic Strap Construction 

Thanks to the soft elasticity of the straps, the bibs follow the torso’s contours ensuring essential stability and security while introducing no pressure points.

Proprietary Leg Hem Finishing 

The raw-cut leg hems support without squeezing since they don’t employ uncomfortable elastic and silicon strips. They stay in place with no pressure points no matter the intensity of the effort.

Lumbar Support System 

Made from a proprietary high density woven fabric, this panel provides additional compression to create a zone of support for the lumbar and gluteal musculature. The improved stability results in increased power output.

  • Chamois powered by Elastic Interface® CyTech Italy
  • 165gr. (size M)
  • Breathability 5/5
  • Water repellency 5/5
  • Waterproof 1/5
  • Insulation 1/5
  • UV Protection 5/5
  • Reflectivity 3/5
  • Weight 5/5
  • Wind control 1/5
  • Muscle support 4/5

63% Polyamide 6.6
35% Elastane

1% Silver

Body Temperature Stability Guarantee = Above +64°C