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Q36.5 Ultra Tiger Cycling Socks in Orange (New)

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The Ultra was designed for the elite cyclist who prefers to wear a tighter fitting shoe for a more direct peddling sensation and thus requires the thinnest sock that technology permits. This seamless tube sock is knitted using an ultra-fine, incredibly soft microfilament with smart fiber and a high elastane content ensuring a snug fit and zero crease interface with the shoe. A new pattern construction offers strategic mesh panels for breathability and 3 multi-channel ribbed padding zones: one in the metatarsal area, one to protect the Achilles tendon and one at the instep of the foot.

62% Polyamide 6.6
15% Polypropylene
23% Elastane

31 g per pair

Body Temperature Stability Guarantee = Above 22°C

Made in Italy

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