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Solespun Reviews | Pantherella Tavener Comfort Top

September 01, 2023 2 min read 0 Comments

Solespun Reviews | Pantherella Tavener

A little history first

Much as can be said of many people I know, our feet and calves come in varying degrees of sensitivity, this can range from being, well a little sensitive! to conditions such as diabetes, insufficient circulation and many other causes. There is however no need to suffer in silence and there are a number of socks for such situations using various knitting techniques to keep your hosiery in place without the use of overly aggressive elastic cuffs which can put pressure on the calve particularly those with sensitive skin and thus irritate them.



Pantherella Tavener Soft Top | The Review

The Tavener Soft Top is Pantherella’s offering to these sensitive soles!.

At first glance the Tavener looks like the traditional flat knit cotton sock offering from Pantherella, and this is kind of the point, the main draw back with most socks designed for sensitive feet and calves is they can look a bit odd often incorporating innovative knitting or medical looking styles to alleviate the pressure. 

The Tavener has an extremely breathable knit body to the sock, the famed Pantherella flat knit toe so there is absolutely no seams rising up and rubbing your toe’s, and the comfort top with its looser fit that still holds itself comfortably in place featuring a super soft cotton lining to reduce the into your calves. 

For many these socks will be the perfect comfortable fit, there is a lot less restriction around the calve and the materials are of an extremely high quality as you would expect from Pantherella, wether you have persistent issues with sensitivity or even if you are simply looking for a very comfortable sock for day to day wear it is an excellent choice.

If you do have a medical condition or you know your feet or calves are extremely sensitive you may be better to choose with a specific sock for this, however for a comfortable sock that does not put undue pressure on ones feet and looks like a traditional sock the Pantherella Comfort top is a superb choice.