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Q36.5 Adventure Insulation Cycling Socks

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Adventure insulation cycling socks Seasonal socks designed for globetrotters, these are entirely conceived with the organic polyamide yarn HEAT™ , made from coffee charcoal residue. This yarn increases the thermoregulation capabilities of the socks without increasing volume and thickness, thanks to its’ ability to trap the far-infrared emitted by the body and then releasing the heat back. This eco-friendly sock is not dyed but rather retains the natural color of the yarn. It is also performance obsessed, thanks to an innovative body mapping which showed us where to add specific padded zones that match perfectly with modern cycling shoe features, supplying more protection to the most affected contact zones.

Pair with Q36.5 matching performance cycling pants to complete the set.


62% Polyamide
15% Polypropylene
23% Elastane

32 g per pair

Body Temperature Stability Guarantee = 5°C to 15°C 


Made in Italy