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Q36.5 Ultra Light Cycling Socks in Green Fluro

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The ultimate grand tour sock: so thin you’re going to have tighten your shoes a notch

Originally designed for the elite cyclist who prefers to wear a tighter fitting shoe for more direct pedaling sensations and thus requires the thinnest sock that technology permits. This seamless tube sock is knitted using an ultra-fine, incredibly soft, microfilament with high elastane content for a snug fit and zero-crease interface with the shoe. It is designed with strategic mesh panels for breathability and 2 multi-channel ribbed padding zones, one in the metatarsal area, the other to protect the Achilles tendon.
You’ll barely notice you’re wearing it.

 Pair with Q36.5 matching performance cycling pants to complete the set. 

62% Polyamide 6.6
15% Polypropylene
23% Elastane

26 g per pair

Cuff length
8 cm

Body Temperature Stability Guarantee = Above 22°C

Made in Italy